Android launcher is a best part to interface or customize the home screen of our desktop. Android launchers was built to make phone calls, launch mobile phone and also perform some other android device tasks. Android launchers is used to perform other tasks like Android mobile operating system. Many best Android launchers are available in Android market. The best android … [Read more...]

How to Use iFunbox to Install Cracked Apps


Are you using an iPhone, or iPod Touch? If so, I assume you had been through a moment when you wondered to use some apps for free since you can’t afford all of the apps available in App Store. Today I brought to you a post which must fulfill your requirement in this issue, though you should keep in mind that developers puts so much effort in creating every app; so what’s the … [Read more...]



Now a day’s iPhone is the best smart phone in the world. In comparison to other phone, iPhone is the most ostensible phone out there, iPhone is one of the most ostensible of these short coming is the complete lack of any native call recording option in iPhone. Whether you are having important conversation that you like to hear and share with your friends. You can record the … [Read more...]

Telegram for Android


With the growing demand for social networking and messaging, various apps available these days that can help you to connect with your friends and loved ones easily. Now a days various social messaging apps available. Telegram for Android Telegram for Android is one of the social messaging as well as file sharing apps. It is very fast and powerful messaging and chat … [Read more...]

How To Download WeChat Messenger On Your PC


‘WeChat’, this is a free messaging and calling App each and every smartphone users are familiar of. But some of you yet don’t know the proper use of WeChat and how to have fun of it’s height.Some of you doesn’t know that WeChat is applicable even on your PCfor windows 7, windows 8 as well as windows XP; and some of those who are aware of this yet doesn’t how to do so. Therefore … [Read more...]